Sammy & Justin | Purcellville, Virginia Wedding | It is not Goodbye | Virginia Wedding Planner


We rehearsed inside the barn at Shadow Creek on September 30, but we didn't let it put a cloud over the day (no pun intended). I was very clear with everyone that we would be getting married outside the next day. I arrived extra early on the day of their wedding to make sure that I had everything taken care of so that I could just wait... and that's what I did. After I had placed all of the details I could, and alphabetized mason jars, I assisted with catering and floral set up and delayed. I delayed on the question of "Where are they getting married?". My answer was always outside, but I just needed some time. In case of inclement weather, I always remind my brides not to check the weather, "just don't", I say. I'm doing enough of that for you, so is your family, your friends and your bridal party. There I was, watching it every five minutes. I set a drop dead decision time and stayed optimistic. That time arrived, I delayed everyone again. Just needed a fewwww more minutes.

We started setting chairs outside about 20 minutes later. It was drizzling just a little, but the wind was blowing just hard enough to keep everything dry. We soaked up the water off the ceremony site with a mop, continued to set chairs and sure enough, the right amount of clouds moved out to give us the break we were all waiting for. It wasn't sunny, but it wasn't raining and that's all we needed. 

Guests started arriving and shortly after, their ceremony began. Honestly, it could have been raining sideways and the only difference for Sammy would have been a soggy dress. She was radiant. The excitement and enthusiasm that I had grown to love getting to know her throughout her planning process was all anyone needed to make the overcast afternoon that much brighter. 


I received a wonderful piece of mail a couple weeks ago from Sammy and Justin. In the card was a sweet note thanking me for everything that I had helped them with over the last year getting ready for their wedding, there was also a sentence that read "I'm sad its over and I can't randomly bug you anymore." I literally laughed out loud. Sammy always felt like she was bothering me with "stupid" questions, but honestly, she was always a bright point in my day any time that I spoke with her. She had a way of turning my busy days into just fun each time we got to chat. Maybe it was because she was so excited to marry Justin that, that emotion came bursting through the phone each time, or just because she is so fun and happy spirited anyways. Either way, the comment made me sad at the same time. I almost picked up my phone to send her a random text just to say hi... I didn't, and I plan to (I PROMISE Sammy!), but it got me thinking that I didn't want our relationship to be over just because her wedding was over. Over the last year and change, I have gotten to know Sammy and have truly enjoyed the time we have spent talking and getting to know her and Justin's relationship. I do stalk her at least once a week for cute baby pug pictures and just to see what she is up to... kidding. No, sadly I'm not (keep the pictures coming)! Make sure to take one under the Christmas tree, and stuff Jenkins into a stocking because it would be adorable.. haha! But seriously, it's not goodbye, please stay in touch, text me randomly whenever you want! 

Venue: Shadow Creek

Floral: Rick's Flowers

Groom's Cake: Gateau Distinctive Cakes

Catering: A la Carte Catering

Coordination: Two River Events

Photography: Stephanie Messick

Transportation: Road Yachts

Photo Booth: Peekaboo Photo Booth

Hair: G5 Salon

Makeup: Johnathan Curtis

DJ: Will Gralley

Ceremony Music: Mason Musicians