Chaning & Austin | Clayton, North Carolina | Framily


Chaning and Austin are more like family to me than friends. I have had the pleasure of knowing Chaning through my husband's boss, Brian who happens to be her father. We first met on the Spirit of Bermuda, a tall ship that was visiting Yorktown a few years back. Luckily, with the perks of James (husband) and Brian, we get to enjoy some perks of their jobs, this was one of them! I do not know too many people who can say they have sailed on the tall ship of Bermuda!

Once I found out that Austin finally proposed, I sent her a message and told her to let me know how I could help if there was anything she wanted help with. She sent me some contracts to review and one clause stated that a planner or coordinator was required. I sent back the additional questions to ask and said "p.s. I'll be your coordinator, save the money", and the rest is history. 


For those who are close to me, they know North Carolina has a special place in my heart. I have always felt "home" as soon as I cross that state line. No one will convince me there is better BBQ, or beaches, and let's be honest, some of the best college basketball (GO HEELS!). Yes, Virginia is where I call home on paper, but in my heart, I'll always be a Carolina girl! 

After the rehearsal, my husband and kids and I packed up and headed to Raleigh. One of my favorite childhood memories has always been the North Carolina State Fair. I have yet to go to a state fair that tops North Carolina's. It's funny, after so many years of going, you'd think I'd venture out and try something new, but I always walk the same path, I always stop at the same vendors, we always B-line for the livestock first, so I can get some fresh milk. It's always the same. It never disappoints, and it's always perfect. I remember how excited I was as a kid to go to the fair, and now that we have kids of our own, I get so excited watching them enjoy the same things I found equally amazing at their age. Cotton candy helps make it a cooler experience for them! ;) After filling our bellies with all kinds of unhealthy, but delicious foods, we headed back to Lake Gaston to a family lake house and crashed for the night. 


One thing I love so much about North Carolina is how perfect fall is. We woke up to the most perfect fall day. Honestly, it was perfect. The perfect breeze, cool crisp air in the morning and a perfect day time temperature that makes everyone wish they could drop everything and go camping. 

The backdrop for their 10.22.16 wedding couldn't have been more beautiful! If you haven't been to the Portofino in Clayton, North Carolina, you need to. ESPECIALLY, if you are a horse lover. I arrived SIX hours earlier than I normally would have, just to walk around this world class equine center. State of the art everything. Sweet horse noses everywhere! My husband thinks I am crazy, but I tell him if I could bottle that sweet smell into a perfume I would. My horse loving girls will get it. This venue is an incredible hidden gem. The owners are amazing, and some of the nicest people you will meet, and they work their business from the heart. Their personal home is where ceremonies take place, and to them, it's yours while you are there, another reason why I love the South so much. Genuine kindness and hospitality.

The Piazza at Portofino is where Chaning and Austin's reception was held. A quaint little building in the same community as the ceremony was held. It has a beautiful outdoor patio with fire places, a gazebo and a made a perfect place to dance the night away under the stars!


Most of the time, my family does not travel with me events. Since James and I were technically guests too, we did get a little kid free evening away. I think James realized why I come home so tired from events. At one point in the evening he asked if I ever sat down. I responded by saying "Of course, in the car on the way home".

On the way home from the lake, we stopped at our favorite pumpkin place. Allen's Pumpkin Farm is another hidden gem that we keep to ourselves mostly. We don't want everyone knowing where we get all of our amazing pumpkins each year! Well, the secret is out. If you happen to be in this neck of the woods, be sure to stop in and say hi to Mrs. Allen. She doesn't do much of the farming anymore, but she still comes out and personally talks to each family and their kiddos. More southern hospitality at its finest. She's got some turkeys and a couple goats and a donkey there too! 

It's nice to be able to share these memories with my family, even though it was a "business" trip.

Check out images of this gorgeous wedding here: 10.22.16 - Chaning and Austin

Venue: Portofino

Coordination: Two River Events, LLC

Hair and Makeup: Hair and Makeup by Mattie Jordan

Photography: Aimee Sue Photography


Sparkler Exit North Carolina Wedding copy.jpg

Meredith & Jason | Manquin, Virginia | 10 Year Vow Renewal | Honored


When I was 14 years old, I was eligible for a work permit, I remember walking into Sterling Middle School's office and filling out the paperwork. You know how some things you can remember so vividly? This day was one of those moments. I think because I knew it was gong to be life changing. I did not know why then, but I do now. I am so very thankful that my mom urged me to get that work permit. I learned as early as I (legally) could the value of a dollar. Yes, my parents bribed me for chores when I was younger too, but let's be honest, the value of chore money and the value of hard earned working money are two different things. Chores you can do in your pajamas, going to work requires waking up, showering, getting dressed, getting there and putting in 100% effort the entire time. Ask my mom, when it comes to chores... I was terrible. I was very good at pretending to sleep, and having selective hearing. To many a long story short, I never looked back on the day I got my workers permit. Since I turned 14, I have not known a year without having a job, or two, ok ok ok, for my friends reading this three and sometimes four at a time. I love to work. I do not idle well. It drives my husband insane, but he loves me for my drive and my passion to go and do, and I think secretly likes when I have long days just so he can have a few minutes on the couch! =)


Fastforward to 2013. I had just started my business. I was not "new" to the field by any means. After many years of joking that I would always end up as a wedding planner, I finally decided to take the jokes seriously and instead of "talk about it", "be about it". The first year of my business was a huge learning experience. Not from not knowing about weddings, but learning about me as a person and how I saw and valued myself as an entrepreneur.

I had spent many years in and around weddings and special events, Seeing them from the back of the house, planning, working, bussing, serving. I knew how they operated. I had successfully planned and executed events and golf tournaments for other people for companies that I worked for, but never for myself for MY business. In the first part of 2013, I partnered with an experienced planner who let me shadow and work alongside her overseeing from a planning perspective and executing on the day of. It was eye opening, and full of excitement for me. I knew this was something that I would love and could stick with for a while. 

July 6, 2013 was my first PAID wedding. I was so excited that after just a couple of months I was being paid to do something that I loved. There were so many things about this wedding that I loved, I met FUTURE clients Zari and Sean, got to see their love grow, into an engagement and then work with them on their own wedding. I still stay in touch with Zari to this day! The friendships that I have gained have been incredible. Maris and Kevin's wedding was also the FIRST time that I worked with Katelyn James. Was this real life? My FIRST paid wedding and KATELYN JAMES was the photographer?! Yes, I am a total fan girl. I was thrilled.


In 2016, a great colleague and friend Meredith of Meredith Ryncarz Photography and her husband Jason decided to have a 10 year vow renewal.  I was honored that such great friends asked me to help them with their day, and guess what? Katelyn James was their photographer! Even after a few years of running my own my own business, realizing my self worth and establishing a name, even though small, for myself I was very excited to be working with Katelyn and Michael again on another one of my firsts! Yes, I am still a fan girl. 


I am in my fifth season with Two River Events and I have so much to be thankful for. As I have mentioned, the friendships I have gained with clients and other wedding professionals have been the best part of this for me. I am honored to be included in the start of new beginnings for so many. I am honored to have met so many incredible wedding professionals who quite honestly, help make my job easier. I am honored to have been able to learn from my couples and gain different experiences that make me better for the next couple. I am honored each time my business is considered, even if it does not turn into business. Each moment can be used as a learning tool and a way to better yourself, for you, and for others. 

Thank you to each of you who have trusted me, worked with me and helped push me to be better. 

Check out more of Meredith and Jason's STUNNING renewal here.

Venue: Seven Springs

Photograohy: Katelyn James

Florals: Aleen Floral Design

Cake: Bella Cakes

Coordination: Two River Events

Catering: The Green Kitchen

Invitations: Kalos Designs


Bride and Groom Outdoor Military Wedding Vow Renewal Blush Flowers.jpg

Leanne & Phil | Williamsburg, Virginia Wedding | Do I need a generator? | It's Virginia


I say this all the time, "It's Virginia." What does that mean, well it could mean a lot depending on the context, but usually when I am referring to it while speaking to a couple, it's referring to the weather. As I sit here now, its a blustery, cooler day, I would expect that in March. Last week, we had multiple days reach 70 and even 80 degrees in FEBRUARY! Two Saturdays ago, it was 80 degrees one minute, a THUNDERSTORM with HAIL (in February!), and then a low in the 30's that night. Simply stated, "It's Virginia". 

Virginia can be beautiful, different areas of the commonwealth have jaw dropping beauty to them. If you have not had a chance to see Skyline Drive in the Fall, you must. Our Spring brings welcomed warm air from what can be a cold, snowy Winter and do I need to mention all of the amazing beaches and waterfront along the many coastal waterways? 


On October 8, Hurricane Matthew made landfall in South Carolina, what was forecasted, was that it would miss our area for the most part. What we got was a little different. While there was not direct landfall on our area, we received A LOT more rain than expected. The storm slowed down over night and left us with more rain that anticipated. 

The morning of October 9, it was a new day. In standard Virginia fashion, other than the ground being moist and some debris scattered, there were bright blue skies and abundant sunshine. If it was your first day here, other than the news, you would not have known a hurricane had passed through in recent hours. Living in a coastal area, when people say hurricane, it usually means something more serious to residents than those who reside further inland. Residents tend to take more precautions and take storm prep more seriously. We flood easier, we lose power for days sometimes weeks and property damage is something not to mess with. We had localized flooding and some power outages, but for the most part, we missed a big one here. We were very lucky. Power outages were not as widespread and were very random, due in part to fallen trees. 

Things were running smoothly that day until I got the call. The call that the venue had no power. A power line close to the venue became a victim of one of those fallen trees from the storm. What to do! The only thing I knew to do, was to react! Thanks to the incredible support of some of Leanne's family, friends and her boss, funds were not an issue. The only thing on anyone's mind was to make sure the day was perfect. I started making phone calls, and searching the internet for anyone who had a generator left. Can you believe there was not a single one left on the peninsula? Well, there wasn't. I ended up finding three at Home Depot in Gloucester. On the way from Williamsburg to Gloucester, I called my husband, he met me there with the truck. Helped me get all of the extension cords that I needed, brought me extra gas tanks and sent me on my way! While I may be a one woman show, this little business is definitely a team effort thanks to my wonderful husband. His support... ok, ok... his muscles and truck make my life so much easier in times of need. 


The staff at the Williamsburg Winery were ready to go as soon as I arrived. With some quick thinking, we were able to run less extension cords than we needed to and were able to get the band, catering and lighting all running on their own separate generators. It was truly magical. A wedding was running on back up power, with limited light, and it was just as romantic and intimate as if nothing was wrong. 

Leanne and Phil were so easy going about all of this. They knew, at the end of the day they were still getting married. Being an event planner herself, Leanne knows that events going off without a hitch are rare. Usually there aren't extremes such as this, but her ability to stay calm and trust that everything would work out made my job so much easier. To be honest, I spoke to Leanne I think once after I found out about the power and that was it until I got to the venue. She knew I had a job to do and let me to it, just like I knew she did not need to know about the behind the scenes stuff, she just needed to know I would make it happen.


Have you heard the saying, "teamwork is the dreamwork", well this was truly a team effort. From the family, friends, my family, the staff at the winery and the talent among the vendors that I did not have to check up on to make sure they were ok, this wedding was perfect. And guess what, the power come back on about 8:30 that night! So, do you need a generator? Chances are, you may not, but worth asking the question, so you can have a game plan just in case Virginia decides to be... Virginia. 

Eventfully Yours,


Venue: Williamsburg Winery

Floral: Aleen Floral

Photography: Amanda Manupella

Catering: Chef by Design

Band: Bachelor Boys Band

Videography: Keith Raegan

Photo Booth: Shutterbooth


To see more images, click here:  Lea  nne & Phill - Williamsburg, Virginia Wedding

To see more images, click here: Leanne & Phill - Williamsburg, Virginia Wedding

Sammy & Justin | Purcellville, Virginia Wedding | It is not Goodbye | Virginia Wedding Planner


We rehearsed inside the barn at Shadow Creek on September 30, but we didn't let it put a cloud over the day (no pun intended). I was very clear with everyone that we would be getting married outside the next day. I arrived extra early on the day of their wedding to make sure that I had everything taken care of so that I could just wait... and that's what I did. After I had placed all of the details I could, and alphabetized mason jars, I assisted with catering and floral set up and delayed. I delayed on the question of "Where are they getting married?". My answer was always outside, but I just needed some time. In case of inclement weather, I always remind my brides not to check the weather, "just don't", I say. I'm doing enough of that for you, so is your family, your friends and your bridal party. There I was, watching it every five minutes. I set a drop dead decision time and stayed optimistic. That time arrived, I delayed everyone again. Just needed a fewwww more minutes.

We started setting chairs outside about 20 minutes later. It was drizzling just a little, but the wind was blowing just hard enough to keep everything dry. We soaked up the water off the ceremony site with a mop, continued to set chairs and sure enough, the right amount of clouds moved out to give us the break we were all waiting for. It wasn't sunny, but it wasn't raining and that's all we needed. 

Guests started arriving and shortly after, their ceremony began. Honestly, it could have been raining sideways and the only difference for Sammy would have been a soggy dress. She was radiant. The excitement and enthusiasm that I had grown to love getting to know her throughout her planning process was all anyone needed to make the overcast afternoon that much brighter. 


I received a wonderful piece of mail a couple weeks ago from Sammy and Justin. In the card was a sweet note thanking me for everything that I had helped them with over the last year getting ready for their wedding, there was also a sentence that read "I'm sad its over and I can't randomly bug you anymore." I literally laughed out loud. Sammy always felt like she was bothering me with "stupid" questions, but honestly, she was always a bright point in my day any time that I spoke with her. She had a way of turning my busy days into just fun each time we got to chat. Maybe it was because she was so excited to marry Justin that, that emotion came bursting through the phone each time, or just because she is so fun and happy spirited anyways. Either way, the comment made me sad at the same time. I almost picked up my phone to send her a random text just to say hi... I didn't, and I plan to (I PROMISE Sammy!), but it got me thinking that I didn't want our relationship to be over just because her wedding was over. Over the last year and change, I have gotten to know Sammy and have truly enjoyed the time we have spent talking and getting to know her and Justin's relationship. I do stalk her at least once a week for cute baby pug pictures and just to see what she is up to... kidding. No, sadly I'm not (keep the pictures coming)! Make sure to take one under the Christmas tree, and stuff Jenkins into a stocking because it would be adorable.. haha! But seriously, it's not goodbye, please stay in touch, text me randomly whenever you want! 

Venue: Shadow Creek

Floral: Rick's Flowers

Groom's Cake: Gateau Distinctive Cakes

Catering: A la Carte Catering

Coordination: Two River Events

Photography: Stephanie Messick

Transportation: Road Yachts

Photo Booth: Peekaboo Photo Booth

Hair: G5 Salon

Makeup: Johnathan Curtis

DJ: Will Gralley

Ceremony Music: Mason Musicians

Sarah & Andrew | Purcellville, Virginia Wedding | Losing the Ring


One of my favorite things about weddings in Loudoun County Virginia is that it takes me home. I always love going back and seeing my old stomping grounds, my family and of course running into familiar faces. In this case, Sarah and I went to high school together and have known each other for quite some time. Her wedding guests included many other familiar faces from our high school and even one of my past brides from just over three years ago! 


Sarah and Andrew's wedding was full of fun, laughter, and personal touches. Her maid of honor put together a STUNNING floral arrangement for the backdrop to the ceremony, family and friends helped with baking hundreds of cookies for an incredible cookie bar, Carl Winslow was there in spirit with their #carlwinslow923 hashtag, and an heirloom ring from her grandmother was the official wedding band for the day. 


Oh yikes. One of my worst fears. There are a few things that I am super anal about when it comes to my couple's weddings. Their gifts, cards and things of sentimental or monetary value. I always count cards, tell multiple people the count, and make sure that they are secure along with any gifts pretty early in the night. Heirloom items that have been in families for generations are always handled with great care and supervision and packed securely once they have been used for their purpose. In Sarah's case, one of those heirloom pieces was her wedding band. It was her grandmothers ring, and moments before the ceremony, it went missing. SO... what happens. When the best man approached me saying he couldn't find the ring, my first response was "Are you sure?". "Yes, I never had it." "Ok, let's go look." Keep in mind this is 15 minutes before the ceremony is to begin. Sarah's wedding band was so much smaller than Andrew's that it wasn't noticed at first in the bag they came together in. Crisis averted. I thought. 

While lining everyone up to start the ceremony, Stephen (best man) approached me. He had a look. The only thing I said... "you lost it didn't you...?", his response, "I don't know where it went". So, we, myself, Andrew (groom) and Stephen (best man), headed back to the groom's suite and literally tore the couch cushions out and scoured the floors. No luck. He reached back in his pocket and that's when he realized there was a hole in it. We knew he hadn't been far so it was somewhere inside the building. I turned to him and handed him one of my bands. "Put this on your pinky, DO NOT lose it, we'll find hers". He looked at me kind of confused, I assured him we would find it, but she needed a ring to get married with. We left the groom's suite and went back to the line up. The remaining groomsmen, parents and bridesmaids looked at us and asked "Do you have it?", my response, "Everything is under control". What else do you do in that situation, you lie. I didn't feel like anyone else needed to be in on the secret. 

We began the ceremony. As I sent the last of the bridal party, I walked into the Bridal suite and told my bride it was time. I also let her in on the secret. I told her that her ring was missing... that's when she told me it was her grandmothers. My heart sank for a brief second. I told her it would be fine, that Stephen had one of mine and not to look shocked when it was placed on her finger. I never once questioned telling her. You get married one time right? The last thing I wanted to happen on her wedding day was for her photographer to snap a picture of an unfamiliar ring being placed onto her hand. I could think of 100 different ways that picture could look, and a look of shock or what in the world, was not how I wanted her to remember those moments for years to come. I do not regret those 20 seconds, from walking in the door to her suite, telling her the secret, lining her up at the door, fluffing her dress and sending her down the aisle. 

I normally get to spend the ceremony watching from the back, this time, myself and the Venue owner as well as the catering staff went on lockdown. We locked all of the exterior doors to the venue, flipped the couch cushions in the grooms suite (again), scoured the floors to the venue before the chairs and tables were set into place, and crawled on our hands and knees in the men's bathroom just to be sure. No luck. The ceremony was ending, I had to go get my bridal party. First question from Sarah "Did you find it?", my response "No yet, but we will." Now that we had man power in the bridal party, I let them in on the secret. At first they laughed at me and said "you're good!", "what a poker face", and after a chuckle the search began. The groomsmen went to work, a strip search started on the Best Man, maybe it fell in a shoe, or sock? A few moments after he shut the door we heard cheers. He didn't get too far, before it was found. Not on him, or even in that room, but laying on the floor between two tables. It was very clear that it fell out of his pocket, down his leg and rolled into the place it was found. After a sigh of relief, a few candid photos of Andrew placing the REAL ring on Sarah's finger, the weight was lifted and they were left with a story to tell their future children. 


It takes a village... and quick thinking. Telling everyone would have caused more stress than needed. Once the critical parts were over, the collective effort of the catering staff and bridal party got the job done and found the ring. The rest of the evening at Shadow Creek was picture perfect. Many thanks to everyone for pulling together and finding what some may call a tiny piece of metal, but something that held so much sentimental value. 

Eventfully Yours,


Vendor Love

Venue: Shadow Creek

Coordination: Two River Events

Florals: Rick's Flowers

DJ Grant: Play Productions

Cake & Cupcakes: Sweet Lilies Bakery

Catering: P.I.G.S.

Ashley & Blair | Gloucester Virginia Wedding | Kids at a Wedding


Ashley and Blair have been friends of mine for a few years. Blair and I were introduced through some volunteer work with a local non profit organization and of course I met Ashley through him. When they got engaged, I was thrilled when Ashley reached out to me for help with their wedding. 


One of the coolest details (for me) at Ashley and Blair's wedding was the inclusion of children. I have been to a few... ok, ok a lot of weddings in the last few years and children haven't necessarily "included".  Kids at a wedding can mean a lot of things. Only immediate family members, none at all, just at the ceremony, adults only receptions or they can be included from start to finish. It was so refreshing to have kids included from start to finish in this case. I think every parent there was grateful they did not have to line up babysitters on a weekend. It can be stressful! As a mom of two myself, I always struggle with this when we have weekend plans that do not include kids. My husband and I have always been on the same page, if our kids can't go, we probably won't go. It's just, s.t.r.e.s.s.f.u.l. We always leave early, never really enjoy ourselves because we wonder if the kids are ok, and honestly we like our tiny humans more than most grown adults and want to hang out with them instead.

So what happened with Ashley and Blair's wedding:

Were kids screaming at their ceremony? No.

Were kids having a food fight during the dinner? No.

Was their a poopy diaper smell hanging in the air all night? Not even a little bit.

Were there parents enjoying their night a little more because they actually got to bring their kids to a "formal" event? Yep. 

Were their moms who were excited to dress their kiddos up in cute little outfits and take selfies and family pictures all night. Absolutely.

Were there cute tiny humans dancing and keeping the dance floor full all night. Yes! They kept the party going all night long!

Kids were allowed to be kids. Ashley and Blair provided a metal bin full of coloring books, race cars and party noise makers! There was even a buffet just for kids, complete with strawberries, grapes, watermelon slices, chicken tenders and mini pizza puffs! Did the kids have to wait until their table was dismissed to eat, nope! They could eat when they were hungry. No hangry meltdowns meant happy and less stressed parents.


Of course, kids at every event  would be an unfair and unrealistic assumption. Sometimes it works and sometimes is doesn't. Ashley and Blair's three year old, Jackson, made it easy for them to include kids. The ONLY tears from a kiddo at this wedding, wasn't even at the wedding, it was at the tail end of the rehearsal. When Ashley and Blair were walking out of their rehearsal practicing their exit out of the front of the church, Jackson erupted into tears screaming "Mommmmmmy!". He thought she was leaving. The result, they included him in their first walk as husband and wife. Perfect.

Getting married in the rain? | Rain Plan | Virginia Wedding Planner


What an incredible weekend we had here at Two River Events! We welcomed our Fall season with a double header weekend! Gina and Brandon got married on Saturday at Cousiac Manor and Journey and Nick were married at The Inn at New Kent Winery on Sunday. I have had such a fun time getting to know both couples and I am thrilled that I was part of a new chapter in their lives! 


In the few years I have been operating my business, rain is always a factor when planning an outdoor wedding or ceremony. I hate to ask the question in the planning process "What if it rains?", but it is a question that must be asked, thought about and planned for. Most couples (especially Brides) don't want to think about rain on their wedding day. Sure, people claim that it is "good luck", but I think that is just what the first person who had a rainy wedding said to stay optimistic. Of course it isn't ideal, but making the best of any given situation is the next best option. What can do you if Mother Nature is working against you? Not much, just go with the flow.

In the few days leading up to Gina's wedding, Hermine made landfall as a category 1 hurricane in Florida. What did that mean for us? Well the direction that she was heading next, was directly at us! In the couple days leading up to wedding, I gave Gina space. I knew she was watching the weather, I knew her family was watching weather, I knew her friends who coming to the wedding were watching the weather. So... I waited. I waited until we had more of an accurate forecast. Once we knew it was going to rain, we started talking seriously on the subject. Of course I asked months prior "what if it rains?" and I knew that answer, but that answer is always dramatically different less than 24 hours prior to your wedding. We talked about the possible scenarios, we talked about the #1 and #2 preferences. I knew exactly what Gina and Brandon wanted. However, it wasn't so much rain in this forecast we were concerned about, it was the wind, and BOY was it blowing! The day of their rehearsal, I arrived a few minutes earlier than her. I walked the property, I surveyed again and really broke it down into a few game plans.

Her goal: get married outside.

My goal: make that happen. 

We walked the space together and talked about the options, we talked about how the number one plan was to get married under the trees. We talked about the back up, then the back up to the back up, the "if we have to" back up and then the hail mary. Then we rehearsed. We rehearsed Plan A, hoping the karma gods and any good juju would bring nice weather for the next day.  


I arrived on property quite a few hours before I needed to for their wedding. Mostly, I wanted to watch the weather, I wanted to be able to prep a few things sooner in case we needed to make a last minute decision, I just wanted to be prepared. It was windy, but it wasn't raining. Most of the storm had made its way to the East far enough that the major rain was gone from the area. I told Gina we'd make a decision at 2:00. If it wasn't raining at that point, we'd have this thing outside. So we waited. Of course, at 2:00 it started raining, and it did for an over an HOUR! I was so afraid the feeder band sitting on top of us wouldn't go away. By about 3:15 it was clearing out. We pressed forward. I set up for a ceremony OUTSIDE, in a TROPICAL STORM. The winds were still blowing, it was still a little overcast but it was outside. It was everything Gina and Brandon wanted. 


Honestly, in one word: Gina. Gina was the most understanding and stress free bride she could have been on the day of her potentially rainy and terribly windy wedding day. When I saw her first thing she was smiling. She didn't start the day off with what if questions. She didn't tell me how it was going to be. She was rational. She was happy. She knew at the end of the day, she was still getting married to the love of her life rain or shine, she was making the best of it. I could almost scream from the rooftops with excitement about how amazing it was to be trusted. She trusted me to make the right call. She trusted me to make it happen, make sure her, her family and friends and the staff were safe. She was REASONABLE. I could go on and on about the sense of relief it was knowing that either way she was going to be happy. Would I have waited 30 minutes if I knew the rain was going to cut out, OF COURSE. Would I have gone out and dried chairs a third time, ABSOLUTELY. Would I have carried her dress all through the grass and crouched down like a wedding planner ninja to avoid the pictures, just so she could have a semi-dry dress for the rest of the night... you bet ya! I would have done whatever I needed to, to make sure that a less than perfect day, was a little more so for her... all because she trusted me to do so. THANK YOU Gina, for being incredibly rational on your wedding day. I am SO glad that the rain cleared out... it may have been a little windy during your ceremony, and while I was trying to light your fire pit (the first three times) for the s'mores, but it was no match for a few broken down boxes and a little... ok, ok, ok maybe a lot of tiki torch fluid. It just needed some patience, and you had it. For that, I am thankful.

To sum: Have a back up plan. Be understanding. Roll with the punches play the cards you have been dealt.

Eventfully Yours,


Brandon & Gina

Brandon & Gina

Nick & Journey

Nick & Journey

Tacos & Tequila Styled Shoot | Giving Back | Virginia Wedding Planner

When the Williamsburg Botanical Garden reached out to me to style a Spring shoot in their garden I was thrilled. They have an incredible gem tucked away inside of Freedom Park in Williamsburg. As a 501(c)(3) organization, all of the work done in the garden is by grant or volunteer support. Through recent projects, the transformation in the garden has turned it into a beautiful setting for intimate weddings, tea parties, small music concerts, luncheons even bridal and baby showers. 


The inspiration for this shoot really came from one thought - tacos and tequila. For me, thats fun, bright, cheerful, on a whim. Tacos and tequila are two of my favorite things, right behind Dr. Pepper and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We wanted to create a shoot that showed the fun side of the garden and what a better way to do that than with a taco truck from Karnage Asade!


It truly was a great pleasure working with the vendors mentioned below. We had to reschedule the first date due to rain and everyone worked together seamlessly to make sure everything was perfect on our selected rain date. Today we had the honor of being featured on Fab You Bliss. Check out the full feature here to see more images from this colorful, fun shoot!

Photographer: Meredith Ryncarz Photography

Design & Planning: Two River Events

Florals: Aleen Floral Design

Venue: Williamsburg Botanical Garden

Makeup: Richmond Makeup Artist

Cake: Bella Cakes

Rentals: Mad Hatter Vintage Rentals

Paper Goods: PaperDolls Design

Food Truck: Karnage Asada

Jewelry: Noonday Collection

Hanging Flower Nests: Guy Piper

Second Shooter: Lindsay Jane Photography