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Meredith & Jason | Manquin, Virginia | 10 Year Vow Renewal | Honored


When I was 14 years old, I was eligible for a work permit, I remember walking into Sterling Middle School's office and filling out the paperwork. You know how some things you can remember so vividly? This day was one of those moments. I think because I knew it was gong to be life changing. I did not know why then, but I do now. I am so very thankful that my mom urged me to get that work permit. I learned as early as I (legally) could the value of a dollar. Yes, my parents bribed me for chores when I was younger too, but let's be honest, the value of chore money and the value of hard earned working money are two different things. Chores you can do in your pajamas, going to work requires waking up, showering, getting dressed, getting there and putting in 100% effort the entire time. Ask my mom, when it comes to chores... I was terrible. I was very good at pretending to sleep, and having selective hearing. To many a long story short, I never looked back on the day I got my workers permit. Since I turned 14, I have not known a year without having a job, or two, ok ok ok, for my friends reading this three and sometimes four at a time. I love to work. I do not idle well. It drives my husband insane, but he loves me for my drive and my passion to go and do, and I think secretly likes when I have long days just so he can have a few minutes on the couch! =)


Fastforward to 2013. I had just started my business. I was not "new" to the field by any means. After many years of joking that I would always end up as a wedding planner, I finally decided to take the jokes seriously and instead of "talk about it", "be about it". The first year of my business was a huge learning experience. Not from not knowing about weddings, but learning about me as a person and how I saw and valued myself as an entrepreneur.

I had spent many years in and around weddings and special events, Seeing them from the back of the house, planning, working, bussing, serving. I knew how they operated. I had successfully planned and executed events and golf tournaments for other people for companies that I worked for, but never for myself for MY business. In the first part of 2013, I partnered with an experienced planner who let me shadow and work alongside her overseeing from a planning perspective and executing on the day of. It was eye opening, and full of excitement for me. I knew this was something that I would love and could stick with for a while. 

July 6, 2013 was my first PAID wedding. I was so excited that after just a couple of months I was being paid to do something that I loved. There were so many things about this wedding that I loved, I met FUTURE clients Zari and Sean, got to see their love grow, into an engagement and then work with them on their own wedding. I still stay in touch with Zari to this day! The friendships that I have gained have been incredible. Maris and Kevin's wedding was also the FIRST time that I worked with Katelyn James. Was this real life? My FIRST paid wedding and KATELYN JAMES was the photographer?! Yes, I am a total fan girl. I was thrilled.


In 2016, a great colleague and friend Meredith of Meredith Ryncarz Photography and her husband Jason decided to have a 10 year vow renewal.  I was honored that such great friends asked me to help them with their day, and guess what? Katelyn James was their photographer! Even after a few years of running my own my own business, realizing my self worth and establishing a name, even though small, for myself I was very excited to be working with Katelyn and Michael again on another one of my firsts! Yes, I am still a fan girl. 


I am in my fifth season with Two River Events and I have so much to be thankful for. As I have mentioned, the friendships I have gained with clients and other wedding professionals have been the best part of this for me. I am honored to be included in the start of new beginnings for so many. I am honored to have met so many incredible wedding professionals who quite honestly, help make my job easier. I am honored to have been able to learn from my couples and gain different experiences that make me better for the next couple. I am honored each time my business is considered, even if it does not turn into business. Each moment can be used as a learning tool and a way to better yourself, for you, and for others. 

Thank you to each of you who have trusted me, worked with me and helped push me to be better. 

Check out more of Meredith and Jason's STUNNING renewal here.

Venue: Seven Springs

Photograohy: Katelyn James

Florals: Aleen Floral Design

Cake: Bella Cakes

Coordination: Two River Events

Catering: The Green Kitchen

Invitations: Kalos Designs


Bride and Groom Outdoor Military Wedding Vow Renewal Blush Flowers.jpg

Rustic Fall Wedding Inspiration | Williamsburg, Virginia | Virginia Wedding Planner


Fall is JUST around the corner, could have fooled me the other morning as I sat outside at 7 something in the morning on the porch with the dogs. If you know me, you know there are very few things that I enjoy in the morning... but that cool crisp air that was teasing us the last few mornings was just enough to get me to sit, and just enjoy it... until one of my dogs decided a dip in the marsh mud seemed like a good idea. Fall is my favorite season hands down. I love the cool air, the fact that the mosquitos go away and I can be itch free for a few months, the colors (oh the colors), cool crisp mornings in a tree stand and football!


Our rich autumn wedding inspiration was featured on Tidewater & Tulle yesterday. The Williamsburg Botanical Garden provided a stunning setting for our intimate shoot. If you are looking for a hidden gem in Williamsburg, this is the place to be. Perfect for outdoor ceremonies, bridal lunches or tea with the ladies. My favorite part of the shoot, the cake, and yes we ate it! To see more images from the shoot, be sure to read the blog post here


Venue: Williamsburg Botanical Garden

Event Coordination & Design: Two River Events

Hair and Makeup: Makeup by Vega

Brial Gown: Janie's Bridal

Grooms Suspenders: No Slip Suspenders

Cake: Bella Cakes

Rentals: Nathaniel's Unique Events

Stationery: S Squared Designs

Florals: Aleen Floral Design

Photography: Meredith Ryncarz Photography